Nowadays, you must have heard of the numerous websites that get hacked, or clients complaining that their sites have viruses and other software that infects their computers with a myriad of problems. Still, others complain that their websites hang and are unresponsive when traffic to the site increases. Others complain that their sites are always undergoing maintenance, thus interfering with their businesses. All these are real scenarios, experienced by real people. But worth mentioning is that the choice of your web hosting service provider like Seekahost will greatly determine whether your site is secure and reliable, or not.

SEEKAHOST prides itself in offering secure hosting.

In India, INFOZUB has Partnered with Seekahost to provide the most reliable, affordable and Secure Web hosting Experience. Our Team (Infozub and ClickDo) is more focused on Bringing the best Web Hosting experience. We have explained some important features of our Seekahost Web Servers.

SEEKAHOST : Secure, Reliable, and Effective web hosting company!

Seekahost Review by Infozub

Hosting Packages by Seekahost:

Anti Virus software Review:

All our web hosting packages come with antivirus software, to protect your computer from harmful virus infections. These virus infections are often used by hackers to steal your login details and usernames, which they later use to compromise the security of your site.

No Annoying pop up ads:

Another thing we always look out for is the ads that keep popping up on your website when visitors open the page. While most clients dislike these ads for the simple reason that they are annoying, they are also risky in that they lead you to sites you never intended to, and may also infect your machine with viruses and malwares. SEEKAHOST takes all the necessary measures to ensure that our client’s sites are always safe and secure at all times.

Guaranteed up-time Review:

Our hosting services are reliable, we guarantee our clients 99.9% uptime for their sites, with the exception of the few times we will be doing maintenance work. Unlike most hosting service providers who entice you with a free trial period, during which your site is up all time, but after a while this changes, at SEEKAHOST we maintain this trend till the end.

New Technology Review:

We are always on the lookout for new web hosting technology and trends, in order to serve you better. For instance, we are one of the few web hosting companies that have embraced the use of a very technologically advanced anti software, called Spam-assasin (also: Check the Essential WordPress Plugins). Furthermore, our team of technicians is always on standby, monitoring all routers, gateways, switches, and power systems to ensure that everything is going on smoothly. If any suspicious activity is detected, we instantly notify our clients, and embark on finding out where the problem lies. Thus we are your private eye even when you aren’t using your site!

Website Transfer and Database troubleshooting:

If you would like to Transfer your website(s) to Seekahost servers, you can get in touch with us. Our Technology Expert Logesh Kumar will migrate your website to Seekahost, if you take any of the hosting plans with Annual package (12 months). Usually, we migrate WordPress sites in less than 48 Business hours. We also support migration of websites built on any CMS.

Supported CMS (but NOT limited to):

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • OpenCart
  • Magento
  • PHP Code Ignitor
  • HTML Sites
  • PHP Sites

If your website is built on Customized CMS, you can email us the details. We will get back to you with necessary details about migration and estimated duration.

Effectiveness Review:

90% of all our clients have been able to attain their business and personal goals, by having us host their sites. We are result oriented, and even after you’ve entrusted us to provide hosting services, we’ll still keep on offering you invaluable tips and advice on how to remain at the top.

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Don’t compromise the security of your site, by picking a web hosting services provider who is not reputable. SEEKAHOST is your best option. We go all the way to the end just to ensure that you’ve achieved your business goals, without compromising on your site’s security.