Indian Wedding industry is estimated at ~1,50,000 crore (in Rupee value) with around 10 million marriages happening every year. On the other hand, online & e-commerce landscape in India is on its growth trajectory because of key drivers like convenience, rising disposable incomes, favorable demographics, increasing internet penetration, proliferation of mobile devices and rising use of social media and technology. Both these factors together pose a great opportunity for a startup like Wikiwed which addresses the customer pain point of Wedding Planning through their simplified online platform.

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Wikiwed is a product of Wedmitra Wedding Services Pvt Ltd, an online wedding service provider guiding customers through their engagement, wedding and reception requirements. We provide bridal guides and tips for brides, grooms and couples who are getting married and in search for wedding ideas, inspirations and plans of the most intricate details for their big day. Wikiwed launched its services in Coimbatore last year and has a vision to spread its wings across India in the coming years. A quick interview with one of the founders reveal that the idea behind such a startup occurred when she had to go through the pains of planning her wedding all by herself! Right from looking out for the right venue to booking your tickets for honeymoon there are lots and lots of planning which needs to orchestrated. As a customer once, she says that she made sure that Wikiwed has been designed to have all the components related to wedding at one go! Wikiwed as an organization derives its strength from their Customers, Vendors and Employees who are their key pillars of support. She confirms that all decisions at Wikiwed are being made keeping their Customers, Vendors and Employees in mind.

Wikiwed’s services consists of wedding shops and vendors in Coimbatore’s wedding industry, dedicated to engage and inspire couples with curated contents, wedding photographs, videos and stories. Everything from wedding planners, professional wedding photographers, videographers, decorations, venues, catering services, car rentals, bride and groom fashions, wedding gowns, evening dresses, wedding jewelries, engagement rings, accessories, cakes, florists, wedding stationery, decorative plates, return gifts, live bands and entertainment, photo booths, invitation cards, hairstyle and makeup, health and beauty tips, honeymoon travel and destinations and more.

Let’s take a quick look at what Wikiwed has to offer to its customers! With around 200 vendors (across categories) under its belt and still counting, here is what you could get from Wikiwed in a nutshell.

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Wikiwed has around 200 vendors spanning across different categories related to wedding. The categories include Banquet Halls, Mandapams, Photographers, Decorators, Caterers, Beauty & Wellness, Entertainment, Wedding Planners, Makeup Artists. Customers can find details to the “T” through their advanced search option from the list of verified vendors. Let’s assume that you are searching for mandapams in Gandhipuram with capacity to accommodate 500 guests, allows only vegetarian food and a budget of 75000, in normal scenario this will take a lot of time and effort to figure out. With Wikiwed, this search just takes less than a minute to find!

You can chose the right vendor by their specialization, budget, facilities and location across different categories. Wikiwed offers you with great content, images and ratings and reviews of real customers which will help you decide the vendor of your choice.

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At Wikiwed Store, customers can browse through a vast selection of products ranging from wedding cards, wedding cakes, decorative plates (aarthi/seervarisai plates), return gifts, boutiques, jewelry (fashion jewlry/precious jewlry) from prominent vendors across Coimbatore.

In this category also their search works brilliantly to help you chose the right product at ease. While browsing through wedding cards you have search filter by religion, occasion, seller and price. While browsing for wedding cakes the filter is by type of cake and flavor. Similarly all the products have the right search elements which helps you to find vendors and products faster.
And the best part is if you like the product you can book them online and it will be delivered at your doorstep!

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Offline Wedding Services

To those of us in the wedding industry, hiring a planner to help with a wedding seems to be common knowledge. It’s only when discussing the topic with family and friends that I realize people sometimes don’t fully grasp the importance of one.

Haven’t we all heard a story or two where something didn’t go right at a wedding? It happens all the time no matter who is in charge, but the key is how those problems are managed. When a planner is not involved, is there someone designated to solve the issue of the caterer setting up in the wrong area? Who is making sure the gifts and cards are being accounted for? Or how about someone to find the cake knife and server when they disappear just minutes before its time to cut the cake? Most of the time the answer is no. Friends and family are left scrambling to solve these mishaps while also trying to enjoy the wedding as guests.

Almost every couple these days is working within a budget, but everyone seems to think they can save on costs by “doing it themselves.” So they will invest in a great photographer to capture the moments and details, a floral designer is hired to make everything look pretty and money is spent on linens, return gifts and a dessert bar. However, when it comes to getting a professional wedding coordinator to pull together all those details, often times couples decide to skimp on that. A slew of money is spent in planning, but come wedding day, the execution of everything is pawned off on an aunt, family friend, catering manager, or bridesmaid. Paying to bring someone on board who knows what they are doing puts the day at ease no matter the scale of the wedding. Even if there are beautiful decor elements and photos to capture it all, if the bride and groom and their guests didn’t fully enjoy it, that’s what will be remembered.

“Get a Quote” feature at Wikiwed provides offline support in planning your wedding and making your D-Day the most memorable one. A team member from Wikiwed will reach out to you in person and provide offline planning support. This service will be of great help to all who are planning their wedding and more so for customers who are located outside Coimbatore be it abroad or anywhere in India who need a helping hand to plan their wedding locally.

Would recommend to anyone who is getting married in Coimbatore, do definitely have a look at Wikiwed before starting your wedding planning process. Wishing the team at Wikiwed great success!