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Google Compute Engine

Google Compute Engine


Google Compute Engine is a platform which lets you create and run your virtual machines in the Google Infrastructure itself. Thus Google offers this as Iaas ( Infrastructure As A Service). Compute Engine’s VMs boot quickly as it comes with persistent disk storage, and hence it delivers consistent performance as well.

Google Compute Engine

What is an Instance in Google Compute Engine?

To create your web server in the Google Compute Engine, Initially, you should create a project in the Cloud Platform and then in that you should create an instance, which acts as a web server. Each Instance belongs to the Google cloud platform console project. Also, one or more instances can be created under the single plan. While creating the example in the project, you will specify the zone, operating system, machine type of that instance. While creating the case, you can also select the storage options based on the requirements. By default, each Compute Engine instance has a small root persistent disk that contains the operating system.

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Instances and Networks in Google Compute Engine:


Google Compute Engine provides a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networking system which is configurable. This enables you to allow connections between the outside world and your instances. You can easily manage your VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) network by configuring the network, firewall, and instance settings.

How to Access the created Instances?

As a creator of an Instance, On a Linux, by using the SSH Command to access the instance, as you have the full root privileges on the instance. Whereas in the Windows Instance, the creator can use the Cloud Platform Console and can connect using the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). Once a user is connected to the Instance with the administrative privileges through SSH or RDP, they can easily add other users to the Instance by using the standard Linux commands or Windows User Account management.


Advantages of Google Compute Engine Over Amazon Cloud Services:

  • Google Compute Engine has many advantages over the Amazon’s services,
  • Better pricing than other web hosting platforms
  • Load Balancer needs no pre-warming
  • Private global fiber network
  • Persistent Disks that can be connected to multiple VM’s.
  • Improved performance
  • More secured
  • Google Compute Engine is easily scalable
  • Redundant data storage.

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