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By using INFOZUB Services or Our website (https://www.infozub.com), you agree to the below terms:

Usage Of Data:

By using our services, you agree that INFOZUB has all rights to use Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Google AdWords, Google AdWords Express and Facebook Data of our clients for Research, Analysis, Training and Educational Purposes. At any given point of time, we shall publish the data (without mentioning client name) as a Case Study, Blog Post or on other publication channels as required.

Website Cookies:

We track the website users with the help of Analytics and we have integrated conversion tracking codes on Google AdWords. We have also integrated Facebook Tracking codes to track users who visit our website and show them Ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Service Level Agreements:

We commit the best to deliver the best results for our clients. At unforeseen circumstances, if we are unable to meet the SLA with acceptable reasons, the SLA Does Not become invalid.

Complementary Activities:

Any complimentary activities done for a customer can be reverted back by INFOZUB if the service is stopped or terminated by any party. The complementary activities include:

  • Website Updates / Upgrades
  • Security Setup
  • Website Backup Systems